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EuroBIP Tariff

Handling            London Heathrow – Handling Charges Tariff  Effective 1st April 2024

Produce of Animal Origin and Non Animal Origin for Human Consumption

Loose Traffic                                      -                                      GBP    £0.13                        Per Kg

Unitised Traffic                      
                                       Up to            -               1500k            GBP    £ 0.115                     Per Kg
                                       1501k           -               3500k            GBP    £ 0.11                       Per Kg    
                                       3501k           -             and over         GBP    £ 0.10                        Per Kg

Minimum                                            -                                      GBP    £ 60.50

If requested to breakdown any shipments by Agent or LBH- GBP        £0.10                       Per Kg

Split shipment entry for Customs            -                               GBP        £28.50

Physical document retrieval from consignments     -               GBP        £25.25

Destruction handling per consignment   -                               GBP        £40.00

After 23.00hrs an out of hours charge will apply  -                  GBP        £100.00

Miscellaneous invoices start from                           -               GBP        £25.00

Produce of Animal Origin not for Human Consumption

Loose and Unitised                                 -                               GBP        £0.16                      Per Kg

Minimum                                                 -                               GBP        £170.00


Per Day or Part Thereof                                                         GBP         £ 0.165                   Per Kg

Minimum                                                 -                               GBP         £50.00                    

Free Period – 24 hours commencing at 23:59 on the day the goods are received at the BIP this applies
from the moment any first part shipment arrives in the facility.
An additional charge will be applied for consignments uncollected two hours after the Common Entry
Vetinary Document (CVED) has been issued by LBOH.

This is calculated by the hour or part thereof:
ULD’s                     -                                                                GBP        £140.00                   Per unit
Loose                     -                                                                GBP        £0.13                       Per Kg
Minimum                -                                                                GBP        £45.00


Delivery and collection is available from all airside Transit Sheds and Landside ERTS.
The charge is calculated as follows:
All traffic                                                    -                              GBP         £ 0.12                    Per Kg

Minimum                                                    -                             GBP         £ 65.00

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