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Screening Centre Tariff

Security Screening:

Service Effective From Kg rate: Minimum:


1st April 2024

0.08p £25 per MAWB
All other screening methods, including ETD, MDE, HND, VCK 0.12p £50 per MAWB

*(charges will be applied for all consignments that Airworld attempt to screen, only one screening method charge will be applied)

Depending on availability spot rates will be continued to be offered for Transport runs from X2 to Airlines based at LHR and LGW.
If you have any questions or require further Information regarding the above tariff, please do not hesitate to contact either David or Lucia:

David Williamson, e-mail or phone: 07788 395629
Lucia Pitelova, e-mail or phone: 07818 381899